Executive Coaching Services


/ Executive Assimilation /

Our unique approach to assimilating new-to-role executives is the most innovative of our services. Using a unique three-pronged approach, we blend Success Factor Profiling with New Leader Assimilation exercises and ongoing Executive Coaching to bombproof any officer level appointment.

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Through our work together, new or newly-promoted executives start in-role fully understanding stakeholder expectations, empowered to navigate the corporate culture and armed with the context they need to quickly align their teams. This combination allows them to execute on expectations more quickly, with less hesitation and while making fewer costly mistakes. Pressure-tested extensively in the Fortune 250 market, this approach is a game changer for organizations needing to drive down their executive fail rate. In our 2.5 year pilot program with a leading corporation in the financial services industry, we earned a promotor score of 9.7/10 and a dropped their failure rate to zero. (Yeah, they love us.)

/ Executive Coaching /

Our executive coaching practice provides executive clients with the validated, fact-based analysis they need to recognize where their own limitations are inhibiting results and create a clear, step-by-step plan to building the competencies that will yield their desired results.

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We develop leaders who can align a team, establish a vision and mobilize results; these leaders attract and retain the best talent. As seasoned executive coaches, we have an average 15 years experience customizing each client’s coaching journey to address the specific and nuanced challenges they face within their industry, their organization and themselves. We specialize in partnering with leaders at the VP through CEO across all industries. Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Mining, High Finance, big Pharma, CPG, Health Care, Tech start-ups—we’ve been there and we’ve done that.


/ Executive Assessment /

Getting constructive, truthful feedback in real-time is one of the most difficult challenges for those who have reached the executive level.

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Often, direct managers aren’t skilled at having the hard conversations needed and direct reports aren’t in a position to share their perspective without significant political risk. Yet blind spots are career killers and, as an executive, your skills must evolve as you rise through the organization in order to be successful long-term. What got you here, indeed, will not get you there. Leaders need to know where they stand today- and how well they are prepared to handle the next role or two. We’ve been assessing leaders for nearly twenty years and have a deep and wide-ranging database of tools to draw from. In-depth, interview-based 360’s, psychometric profiling, and career history assessments are among the tools we use to help executives fully understand their impact, limits, and better yet, how to move beyond them. Painful? Sometimes. Helpful? Absolutely.

/ Team Optimization /

When a better or different business result is top priority, the way teams operate needs to change. Teamwork isn’t easy—we know that.

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Personality clashes, competing agendas, weak leadership and lack of alignment can all stall the collective efforts of even the smartest groups of people. Team effectiveness assessments always start our journey to strengthen any team. Teams must acknowledge where they are, what’s working, and what’s not in order to move the needle on their effectiveness. From there, our experts design the right learning content for a facilitated session to fix what’s broken and build on what’s possible. Our team optimization work is intense, effective and fully customized... every single time.

The coaching you receive from Emily Bermes + Associates is second to none. It provides perspective and gives you the tools to drive your personal performance in a way that generates significant business value. An incredible tool for any senior leader in today’s business world.
— Peter Illian | Senior Vice President, Discover Financial Services